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How I Work

Do you need a digital marketing consultant? A shoosh up of your tired old website? Engaging product descriptions? A kick ass social media ad campaign to generate lead enquiries? 

I help small businesses with everything from:

  • Website copywriting

  • Blogging

  • Mailchimp e-newsletters

  • Social media consulting

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Website content management

  • Help with Adword campaigns

And all that lies between.

To understand the way in which I work, I have whipped together a general overview of my process. That way you know what to expect right from the start.

Establishing a Clear Brief

I charge a set fee for my work.

To determine the right amount and make sure there are no surprises along the way, I require my clients to agree on a specific scope of work before commencement. 

To understand your needs I will send you a brief to fill in. For copywriting services I will ask you questions along the lines of:

  • How many product descriptions do you need written?

  • Have you prepared any topic ideas for your blog?

  • Is the copy for a flyer, radio ad, e-newsletter, Facebook bio, website, brochure?

  • Do you know roughly how many words you need written, or okay to run with my recommendation?

If you are interested in my digital marketing consulting services, I may ask questions such as:

  • Which social media channels do you need set up?

  • Do you need an Instagram shopping catalogue feature set up?

  • What is the primary goal for your Facebook ad campaign?

  • Do you need your Adword campaigns set up or optimised?

  • Are you able to provide access to an image library?

  • Have you a list of keywords you are focusing on?

As a general rule I will need to ask quite a few questions upfront to ensure my proposal is accurate and I've covered all bases. As I am based 'in the sticks' I do this over the phone or email.

If you are based in the Macedon Ranges area I'm more than happy to meet with you in person, however I do charge an upfront $120 fee for in-person briefing meetings to cover my time and travel costs. 

The Quote

What you really want to know is how much I cost, am I right? Once I have received your brief I will send a formal quote that clearly outlines the job specifications with a detailed list of what my rate includes. This will cover rounds of amendments and drafts, meetings, training, reporting and other incidentals.

Where possible I will break the quote down into items with fixed prices attached, so you can select the services that fit within your needs and budget.


No beating round the bush here. I require a 50% deposit upfront before commencement. If the project value is below $300 I require 100% payment upfront.

Delivery Deadlines

Being a one-woman act and mum to two, I can take on only so many projects at any one time. I prefer to 'permalance' as much as possible (that is, have a number of clients that work with me on a weekly, on-going basis to manage their websites, copywriting, etcetera).

I then fit one-off freelance gigs around my regular work load. I only commit to projects I'm confident I can fulfil within required time frames. This lady is all about chasing that elusive gem called 'work-life balance' (chasing being the operative word!).

On a tight deadline? The sooner you fill in your brief, sign off on my quote, and make your 50% deposit, the quicker the turnaround will be. Simple!

My quote will include an estimated time frame to complete the job. Keep in mind actual delivery time will depend on your turnaround with supplying materials, approving drafts and the like. At the end of the day I am conscientious about fulfilling deadlines. Juggling multiple jobs and working all hours to get things done is how I roll...

Briefing Time

You've given me your thumbs up on the quotation and wish to proceed. Now it's time to move to the next level - the briefing. If you are in the Macedon Ranges it would be wonderful to do this in person, otherwise we can meet over skype, email or phone.

I use this opportunity to ask more questions about your project such as:

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What are your marketing objectives?

  • How would you describe your brand's personality?

  • Your feelings to do with the project and what you hope to achieve.

Once we've nailed down the nitty gritty it's time for me to get down to work. But before I begin, I will need:

  • A signed quote

  • 50% deposit (or 100% payment if under $300)

  • All necessary materials and assets to help me complete the job

Getting Down to Business

Now the preliminaries are out of the way I'm ready to set up your Facebook ad campaign, review your social media strategy, write your blog article, run an SEO audit, or set up your next Mailchimp newsletter. You get the drift!

I supply everything to you in the below document types or work in the following way:

  • Web Copywriting - If your website is already live you may prefer to receive initial drafts in a MSWord.docx. If your website is still in the development phase I can upload draft content directly into your website.

  • Mailchimp Newsletters - I set up directly in Mailchimp.

  • Blog Copywriting - I prefer to upload directly into your blog.

  • SEO Audit - MSWord.docx or MSExcel

  • Social Media Ad Campaigns - I will need to be added as a user on your relevant social media accounts.

  • Social Media/Google My Business bios and Company/Service Descriptions - either directly into your social media pages or via MSWord.docx

  • Facebook Ad Campaigns - Link to draft sent via Facebook Messenger

  • Google Adwords - I will need to be added as a user on your Adwords account.

  • Strategy and Training - PowerPoint

Amends and Drafts

To make things super clear I will specify upfront exactly how many draft versions and amendments can be made.

Copywriting Drafts

I provide up to three drafts for copywriting services (first draft, second draft, final draft).

This gives you the opportunity to make two rounds of changes. If you wish to make further amendments after the third and final draft, these will be charged at an hourly rate. I will provide this rate and detail in your quotation.

  • For copywriting drafts provided to you in word doc format, I prefer client feedback via the use track changes and comments.

  • If you require a few simple changes to a blog draft, these can be provided via email. For more detailed changes, I require clients to copy and paste the draft into a word doc to use track changes and comments.

  • Mailchimp e-newsletter draft amendments can be communicated via email.

  • Your website copywriting amendments will depend on scale of changes. If only a few simple amendments are required these can be emailed, or draft content can be copied into a Word doc for track changes to be used.

Facebook Ad Campaign Drafts

I provide links via Facebook Messenger to review. My quote will be based on two drafts (1st version and 2nd version) and gives you the opportunity to make one round of changes. Any further amendments to the ad will be charged at an hourly rate, noted in your quotation.

How I Charge for Meetings

As a general rule I don't include face to face meeting times in my quotes. This is largely because I live in rural Victoria and my clients are based all over Australia (and overseas).

If you are in Melbourne, the Macedon Ranges, Bendigo or Ballarat, and you would like face to face meetings scheduled throughout your project, please let me know from the start so I can include in your quotation. Meetings will be charged at an hourly rate, in addition to travel time and costs.

Final payment

When the job is complete I’ll invoice you the final amount. My payment terms are seven days.

Happy Campers

At project completion I expect we will both be happy campers. I always like to ask my clients at this point for a testimonial to help share the love.


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