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In a Nutshell


I have over a decade of experience in professional marketing and copywriting.

Broadly speaking McKimm Creative consists of myself, in all my creative glory.

When necessary, I enlist the aid of pro graphic designers, web developers, photographers and videographers. 

Based in Victoria's beautiful Macedon Ranges north west of Melbourne, I work remotely from home to the sound of sheep baaing and kookaburras singing in the ol’ gumtrees.


How I Work


I'm all about open, honest communication. 

As a one-woman show I am limited to what I can commit to. I prefer to work with clients as a ‘permalancer’, providing ongoing marketing and copywriting services on a weekly retainer basis.

Once we have an estabished relationship, I’m happy to squeeze in one-off ad hoc jobs around base requirements.

To understand the way in which I work, I have whipped together a general overview of my process, so you know what to expect right from the start.

McKimm Creative Logo



Sorry folks, there are no prices listed on my website.

I base my quotes on a fixed price so you know right from the start how much to budget.

To provide a quote I will ask you to complete a simple briefing doc, or answer a few quick questions. This helps me to gauge what you require and the scope of your project.

Deposits are required for one-off jobs with full payment upfront for any amounts under $300. Retainer based commitments are invoiced on a weekly basis with strict seven day payment terms.