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McKimm Creative joins the dots between fabulous copywriting, SEO strategy and affordable, aesthetic web design for small and medium businesses in a down-to-earth, honest way.


Do you have an expensive, good looking website that can’t be found in google searches?

Are you over dealing with pricey digital agencies that speak SEO jargon you don’t understand?

Does your business need a copywriter to sell your brand or service?

Would you like a simple and affordable website that looks good, has beautifully written content and follows search engine best practices?


In need of a simple new website or site re-vamp?


Let me create your new website from the ground up. Or improve your existing website. I provide a highly personalised web design service for small and medium businesses. My offering is quite unique, as I bring everything to the table myself - website design, copywriting, smart search engine optimisation skills, and over a decade of professional marketing experience.



Want a website full of goo-ey google search goodness?


Give your website the best chance of being found online. I’ll weave my clever search engine optimisation (SEO) magic on your new or existing website,

Because pretty websites are one thing. But if they haven’t been optimised properly for ‘Mr Google Crawly Bot’, you may as well hire a skywriter to promote your business instead.


Copywriting services


Copywriting not your cup of tea?


I’ll be your copywriting barista. I write everything from blog articles to newsletters; advertisements to SEO-friendly web copy; product descriptions to brochures.

I’ve also been known to design quite snazzy ads, electronic newsletter templates and flyers to go with my words.